Aerial Road Trip - An adventure in drone cinematography

A new series is in the works: Aerial Road Trip. Shot exclusively in UHD / 4K with our state of the art drones, Aerial Road Trip will follow adventure athlete Clair Marie as she travels to different locations around California. Filmed by renowned adventure cinematographer and drone pilot Alexey Orlov, Aerial Road Trip will showcase destinations such as Mammoth Lakes, Laguna, Malibu, Mendocino, Big Sur, and more. 

Clair Marie:

If Wonder Woman and Supergirl are superheroes of the fictional variety that fly through the air and fight for justice, then Clair Marie, also known by her moniker BASE GIRL, is the real deal.

At the young age of 16, Clair Marie became one of the youngest BASE jumpers in the world. Since then, she’s been globetrotting the world as a professional athlete, stuntwoman, and speaker, even making time to bake vegan banana bread between speaking at TED Talks.